Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram2017-01-06T03:37:52+09:00
1Smart PositionerTMP-3000Standard type
2Smart PositionerTMP-3000PTM internal type
3Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000Non-explosion or Intrinsic safety type
4Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000 / 1050Junction box type
5Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000SPTM without LCD internal type
6Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000SPTM with LCD internal type
7Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000RL/S(2xSPDT) internal type
8Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000RL/S(2xProximity sensor) internal type
9Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000RL/S(2xDPDT) internal type
10Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000RSPTM + L/S(2xSPDT) internal type
11Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000RSPTM with LCD + L/S(2xSPDT) internal type
12Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000RJunction box + SPTM without LCD + L/S(2xSPDT) external type
13Smart PositionerYT-2500 / 2550Standard type
14Smart PositionerYT-2500 / 2550HART internal type
15Smart PositionerYT-2500 / 2550PTM internal type
16Smart PositionerYT-2500 / 2550HART + PTM internal type
17Smart PositionerYT-2500 / 2550HART + L/S(2xSPDT) internal type
18Smart PositionerYT-2500 / 2550PTM + L/S(2xSPDT) internal type
19Smart PositionerYT-2500 / 2550PTM + L/S(2xProximity sensor) internal type
20Smart PositionerYT-2501LStandard type
21Smart PositionerYT-2501LHART internal type
22Smart PositionerYT-2501LPTM internal type
23Smart PositionerYT-2501LHART + PTM internal type
24Smart PositionerYT-2501RStandard type
25Smart PositionerYT-2501RHART internal type
26Smart PositionerYT-2501RPTM internal type
27Smart PositionerYT-2501RHART + PTM internal type
28Smart PositionerYT-2600Standard type
29Smart PositionerYT-2600HART internal type
30Smart PositionerYT-2600PTM internal type
31Smart PositionerYT-2600L/S internal type
32Smart PositionerYT-2600HART + PTM internal type
33Smart PositionerYT-2600PTM + L/S internal type
34Smart PositionerYT-3100Standard type
35Smart PositionerYT-3100PTM internal type
36Smart PositionerYT-3300 / 3350Standard type
37Smart PositionerYT-3300 / 3350HART internal type
38Smart PositionerYT-3300 / 3350PTM internal type
39Smart PositionerYT-3300 / 3350HART + PTM internal type
40Smart PositionerYT-3300 / 3350L/S(2xSPDT) internal type
41Smart PositionerYT-3300 / 3350L/S(2xProximity sensor) internal type
42Smart PositionerYT-3300 / 3350PTM + L/S(2xSPDT) internal type
43Smart PositionerYT-3300 / 3350PTM + L/S(2xProximity sensor) internal type
44Smart PositionerYT-3301LStandard type
45Smart PositionerYT-3301LHART internal type
46Smart PositionerYT-3301LPTM internal type
47Smart PositionerYT-3301LHART + PTM internal type
48Smart PositionerYT-3301RStandard type
49Smart PositionerYT-3301RHART internal type
50Smart PositionerYT-3301RPTM internal type
51Smart PositionerYT-3301RHART + PTM type
52Smart PositionerYT-3303Standard type
53Smart PositionerYT-3303HART internal type
54Smart PositionerYT-3303PTM internal type
55Smart PositionerYT-3303HART + PTM internal type
56Smart PositionerYT-3400 / 3450Standard type
57Smart PositionerYT-3400 / 3450HART internal type
58Smart PositionerYT-3400 / 3450PTM internal type
59Smart PositionerYT-3400 / 3450L/S internal type
60Smart PositionerYT-3400 / 3450PTM + L/S internal type
61Smart PositionerYT-3400 / 3450HART + PTM internal type
62Smart PositionerYT-3700 / 3750Standard internal type
63Smart PositionerYT-3700 / 3750HART internal type
64Smart PositionerYT-3700 / 3750PTM internal type
65Smart PositionerYT-3700 / 3750HART + PTM internal type
66Smart PositionerYT-3700 / 3750L/S(2xSPDT) internal type
67Smart PositionerYT-3700 / 3750L/S(2xProximity sensor) internal type
68Smart PositionerYT-3700 / 3750PTM + L/S(2xSPDT) internal type
69Smart PositionerYT-3700 / 3750PTM + L/S(2xProximity sensor) internal type
70Position TransmitterSPTM-5Vwithout LCD type
71Position TransmitterSPTM-5Vwith LCD type
72Position TransmitterSPTM-6V / 65VStandard type
73Solenoid ValveYT-720Standard type
74Limit Switch BoxYT-850YT-850M (Mechanical, 2xSPDT) type
75Limit Switch BoxYT-850YT-850P (2xProximity sensor) type
76Limit Switch BoxYT-870 / 875 Mechanical(2xSPDT) type
77Limit Switch BoxYT-870 / 875 2xProximity sensor(Autonics-NPN) type
78Limit Switch BoxYT-870 / 875 2xProximity sensor(Autonics-PNP) type
79Limit Switch BoxYT-870 / 875 2xProximity sensor(P&F) type
80Limit Switch BoxYT-870 / 875 Mechanical(2xDPDT) type
81Limit Switch BoxYT-870 / 875 Mechanical(2xSPDT) + SPTM type
82IP ConverterYT-930Standard type
83IP ConverterYT-930PTM internal type
84IP ConverterYT-940Standard type
85IP ConverterYT-940PTM internal type