No.ProductsModelCertificateExplosion Proof TypeDownload
1Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000CSAEx md IIB T5
2Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000NEPSIEx dmb IIC T6
3Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000, 1050ATEXII2G Ex d mb IIB T5
4Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000KCEx dmb IIC T5 IP66
5Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000KCEx dmb IIB T5
6Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000KCEx ia IIB T6
7Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000FMDIP/II,III/1/EFG/T5 Ta=60°C ;Type 4X
8Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1050KCEx dmb IIB T5
9Electro Pneumatic PositionerYT-1000, 1050TR CU EAC1Ex d mb IIB T5 Gb X
10Smart PositionerYT-2300ATEXII2G Ex ia IIC T5/T6
11Smart PositionerYT-2300IECExEx ia IIC T5/T6
12Smart PositionerYT-2300KCEx ia IIC T5/T6
13Smart PositionerYT-2400CSAEx d IIB T6
14Smart PositionerYT-2400NEPSIEx d IIB+H2 T6
15Smart PositionerYT-2400ATEXII2G Ex d IIB T6
16Smart PositionerYT-2400IECExEx d IIB T6
17Smart PositionerYT-2400KCEx d IIB(+H2) T6 IP66
18Smart PositionerYT-2500KCEx ia IIC T5/T6
19Smart PositionerYT-2500NEPSIEx ia IIC T5/T6
20Smart PositionerYT-2500, 2550, 2501ATEXII 2G Ex ia IIC T5/T6
21Smart PositionerYT-2500, 2550, 2501IECExII 2G Ex ia IIC T5/T6
22Smart PositionerYT-2500, 2550ATEX (Dust)II 2D Ex iaD IIC T85°C/T100°C IP6x
23Smart PositionerYT-2501KCEx ia IIC T5/T6, Ex iaD IIIC T100°C/T85°C
24Smart PositionerYT-2550KCEx ia IIC T5/T6, Ex iaD IIIC T100°C/T85°C
25Smart PositionerYT-2550+L/SKCEx ia IIC T5/T6, Ex iaD IIIC T100°C/T85°C
26Smart PositionerYT-2600ATEXExdbIICT5/T6, ExtbIIICT85°C/T100°C
27Smart PositionerYT-2600IECExExdbIICT5/T6, ExtbIIICT85°C/T100°C
28Smart PositionerYT-2600KCEx d IIC T5/T6 IP66
29Smart PositionerYT-2700KCEx ia IIC T5/T6
30Smart PositionerYT-3300KCEx ia IIC T5/T6
31Smart PositionerYT-3300NEPSIEx ia IIC T5/T6
32Smart PositionerYT-3300, 3350, 3301, 3303ATEXExiaIICT5/T6, ExiaDIIIC T85°C/T100°C Db IP6x
33Smart PositionerYT-3300, 3350, 3301, 3303IECExEx ia IIC T5/T6, Ex iaD IIIC T85°C/T100°C
34Smart PositionerYT-3300, 3301, 3350, 3400, 3450SILSIL2
35Smart PositionerYT-3300, 3301, 3303, 3350TR CU EAC1Ex ia IIC <> Gb X, Ex ia IIIC <>Db X
36Smart PositionerYT-3300+LS(dry contact)KCEx ia IIC T5/T6
37Smart PositionerYT-3350KCEx ia IIC T5/T6
38Smart PositionerYT-3350+LS(dry contact)KCEx ia IIC T5/T6, Ex iaD IIICT T100°C/T85°C
39Smart PositionerYT-3400, 3450CSAEx db IIC T5/T6
40Smart PositionerYT-3400KCEx d IIC T5/T6 IP66
41Smart PositionerYT-3400, 3450NEPSIEx db IIC T5/T6
42Smart PositionerYT-3400, 3450ATEXEx db IIC T5/T6, Ex tb IIIC T85°C/T100°C
43Smart PositionerYT-3400, 3450IECExEx db IIC T5/T6, Ex tb IIIC T85°C/T100°C
44Smart PositionerYT-3400, 3450TR CU EAC1Ex d IIC T6/T5 Gb X, Ex tb IIIC T85°C/T100°C Db X
45Limit Switch BoxYT-870, 875CSAEx db IIC T6
46Limit Switch BoxYT-870, 875ATEXExdbIICT6, ExtbIIIC T85℃
47Limit Switch BoxYT-870, 875IECExEx db IIC T6, Ex tb IIIC T85°C
48Limit Switch BoxYT-870KOSHAEx d IIC T6 IP67
49Position TransmitterSPTM-5VKCEx ia IIC T6
50Position TransmitterSPTM-6VKCEx d IIC T6 IP67
51Position TransmitterSPTM- 5V / 6V, 65VTR CU EAC1Ex ia IIC T5 Gb / 1Ex d IIC T6 Gb
52Solenoid ValveYT-700DNEPSIEx d IIC T6
53Solenoid ValveYT-700DKCEx d IIC T6Coming soon
54Volume BoosterYT-300, 305, 310, 315, 320, 325SILSIL3
1Electro Pneumatic PositionerDOC of YT-1000, 1050
2Pneumatic Pneumatic PositionerDOC of YT-1200
3Smart PositionerDOC of YT-2500, 2550, 2501
4Smart PositionerDOC of YT-2600
5Smart PositionerDOC of YT-3300, 3350, 3303, 3301
6Smart PositionerDOC of YT-3400, 3450, 3410
7Smart PositionerDOC of TMP-3000
8Position transmitterDOC of SPTM-6V, 65V
9Air Filter RegulatorDOC of YT-200, 205, 220, 225
10Volume BoosterDOC of YT-300, 305, 310, 315, 320, 325
11Lock Up ValveDOC of YT-400, 405, 430, 435
12Snap Acting RelayDOC of YT-520, 525, 530, 535
13Limit Switch BoxDOC of YT-850
14Limit Switch BoxDOC of YT-870, 875
15IP ConverterDOC of YT-930
1Smart PositionerYT-2500
2Smart PositionerYT-3300
3Smart PositionerYT-3400
4Air Filter RegulatorYT-205
5Limit Switch BoxYT-850
6Position TransmitterSPTM-5V
No.Certification NameDownload
1ISO 9001 Certificate 2016
2KEPIC Certificate
3KHNP Certificate Of Registration
4Certificate of Export Small Giant
5R&D Lab Certificate
6Main-Biz Certificate
7HART Membership Certificate